Sound masking is the process of adding a low level, unobtrusive background sound to an environment to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce noise distractions in that environment. The sound is typically introduced through speakers installed in or above the ceiling. Sound masking is a critical component of acoustic design. When designing an optimal acoustic environment, architects consider a variety of elements to address noise control and speech privacy. Elements added either Absorb, Block, or Cover sound, and are collectively called the ABC’s of acoustic design.

All of the ABC’s of acoustic design can be used together or individually to achieve the desired acoustic environment, but absorbing materials (carpet, ceiling tiles, etc.) and blocking structures (walls, cubicle partitions, etc.) are costly and underused, particularly in modern offices. Sound masking, on the other hand, is a low-cost option for creating acoustical environments that both reduce noise distractions and protect private conversations.

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