Belmar pioneered the private cable / MATV / SMATV business. We started out in 1953 providing Master Antenna (MATV) systems for many local hospitals. Since 1953, technology has evolved to Satellite Master Antenna (SMATV), to the current state of the art featuring interactive patient entertainment solutions. We provide custom engineered televisions systems that can include a mix of DirecTV channels, music channels and local origination programming including live feeds (Chapel, Activity Room, etc.), Educational / Movie channels, Video bulletin Board, etc. Through our technology partners, we can offer a total interactive experience to the patient, as well an an interface to the existing ADT system, including:


  • Movies, premium TV, games, and hospital information channels
  • Internet access for surfing, E-mail, instant messaging, and video
  • Current and award winning health education videos focused on the specific conditions of patients, including documentation that the patient has viewed the prescribed program
  • Select from customized dietary menu
  • View hospital religious services
  • JACHO compliant secure real time patient survey and work flow
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